Best for family

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Our selection for family

#001 Palermo Plaza Serrano

1 bedroom / 2 passengers
60 USD per day / 420 USD per week

#002 Recoleta Soleil

1 bedroom / 3 passengers
33 USD per day / 230 USD per week

#003 Belgrano Soleil

3 bedrooms and + / 4 passengers
90 USD per day / 625 USD per week

#004 Recoleta Chic

2 bedrooms / 4 passengers
92 USD per day / 640 USD per week

#005 Recoleta Charme

Studio / 2 passengers
43 USD per day / 300 USD per week

More services

Beyond the rental of apartments, at "Mon Appartement à Buenos Aires", we have developed a whole range of services so that your stay in Buenos Aires takes place in the best conditions.


Our agency is specialized in Relocation: search for empty or furnished apartment. We are experts and know the market perfectly. Our specialty: personalized research.

Pick Up

After a long trip, the airport transfer is a very popular service for our customers. This service offers tranquility, comfort and the pleasure of a personalized welcome.

Sell your appartment in Buenos Aires

Selling your apartment in good conditions is an essential and non-negotiable need. We accompany you so that your transaction takes place in the best conditions.