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Need to change your or transfer your Euros into Pesos :

MABA offers you a Euros/Pesos or Dollars/Pesos exchange service which will always be more interesting than the banks.

Between the official rate and the so-called “blue” rate that we offer you, there is almost a 100% difference, which considerably increases your purchasing power.

Simple and secure, you contact us in the morning to tell us what amount to change and we organize the change during the day depending on your availability.

Changes are made in Belgrano but we can sometimes come to your home or place of work.

For Euros against Pesos transfers, you just have to send us an email indicating the amount you wish to transfer, we will send you a bank details and give you the pesos at the daily rate upon receipt. This is service highly appreciated by our customers who do not wish to travel to Buenos Aires with cash or who have difficulty estimating their expenses and prefer to transfer as they go.

You can of course change with us even if you do not use our services to rent an apartment for your stay in Buenos Aires.