“My Apartment in Buenos Aires” (MABA) was created to assist travellers and visitors who love Buenos Aires in finding a comfortable apartment at the best price for their entire stay.

Apartments are carefully selected according to criteria such as location of the apartment, a standard number of amenities, and the best quality-price ratio.

“My Apartment in Buenos Aires” (MABA) is listed in the Argentinian business registry.


2.1 To make a reservation you must have reached the legal age of majority in your country of origin and agree to assume complete financial responsibility. Reservations may be made online on our web site, by completing the reservation form, by telephone, or in person at our office.

2.2 Following your request for a reservation or information, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  MABA will confirm the availability of the apartment you have selected as soon as possible, that will be followed by a PAYPAL invoice for the deposit.   If the apartment you have chosen is not available, our team will suggest other similar apartments that are available for the same dates.

NB: Rental dates are flexible, and do not begin on any particular date, for example from Saturday to Saturday.

2.3 A reservation is confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit of 20% of the total rent due.  We will send you an online invoice for the reservation to be paid upon receipt. You may also pay the deposit in person at our Buenos Aires office.

2.4 Upon receipt of the deposit,  we will send you the confirmation of the reservation as well as the complete address of the apartment. The apartment is now reserved for your dates.

2.5  The balance of the rent must be paid in US dollars on the day of check-in, when the contract is signed and the keys are handed over.


3.1 The prices given on the web site include apartment rental, amenities (Internet, water, electricity and gas, coop charges, taxes), bed linen and towels for the number of occupants listed in the contract.

For some apartments, there is also a weekly maid service charge for stays over 1 week and change of linen every 2 weeks.

It is possible to request additional maid service or more linen for an extra cost.

3.2 For each rental transaction, there is an administrative fee of US$45 for rentals of less than 2 months. For longer stays of 2 months or more, there may be an agency commission. The administrative fee and agency commission apply to each rental agreement signed.

3.3 Rent prices  are set by the owners. They are subject to increase without notice. Nevertheless, the prices indicated in the reservation confirmation are firm. 

3.4 In the High season, from 1 December to 31 January, rent prices are increased by 20%.

3.5 The currency of reference is the US dollar. The prices listed in Euros on the website are for information only.  Sums due are to be paid in US dollars with no exceptions.

3.6 A deposit of 20% of the total rent plus an administrative fee of US$45  is payable upon reservation of the apartment. If you wish to take out a cancellation insurance, it must be done at the time the deposit is paid.

3.7 The PAYPAL commission for the deposit is paid by the customer. All other charges or commissions generated by banks transfers, online payments, or other fees are paid by the customer. This includes a surtax of US$30.

NB : The keys to the apartment will only be handed over upon full payment of the rent due and/or signature of the contract.


Customers who arrive at Ezeiza or Aeroparque airports must phone us from the airport as soon as they exit customs in order to fix a precise check-in time.

NB : This phone call is mandatory as no member of our team will go to your apartment unless you call. This is to avoid any unnecessary waiting for the employee or the owner due to delayed or cancelled flights.

We allow approximately 1 hour’s travel between the phone call from the Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza International) airport and arrival at the apartment and 40 minutes from the Jorge Newbery (aeroparque) airport.

For appointments at pre-established times that are not subject to airport delays, there is a grace period of 30 minutes as regards  the appointment time. Over 30 minutes beyond  the appointment time, there will be a penalty of US$10 if the employee can wait; if  the employee has another appointment, your check-in must be rescheduled for another convenient time for MABA and the owner.

Rescheduling of a Check-in appointment will result in MABA check-in/check-out surcharges being charged  (for check-in outside of normal business hours, Sundays, etc…).


5 .1 Definitions:

Check-IN: An appointment made in advance to welcome the renter, to present the apartment, to sign the lease, to receive the security deposit, and to hand over  the keys to the apartment. Check-in is the beginning of the lease. Default check-in time is 1400.

Check-OUT: An appointment made at the end of the rental period that marks the end of the lease.

There will be an inspection of the premises upon leaving the apartment in order to assess that items are not missing and that there is no abnormal wear and tear to the apartment that might be due to the renter (for example, broken window, damaged furniture, soiled or burned linen, couch, or rugs, etc….)  Following the inspection of the apartment and depending on the assessment, the security deposit will be refunded (see security deposit refund in security deposit section).

Check-out is scheduled by default at 1000.

5.2 Check-in procedure: check-in appointments are made in advance or by default at 1400. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you will be charged a US$10 “late check-in” fee and you must make another check-in appointment.

If you arrive before 1400 and the reserved apartment is available, you may enter without additional cost.

If the apartment is occupied, you must wait until 1400 to check-in.

If you wish to ensure availability of the rented apartment immediately upon arrival, we suggest that you reserve the apartment one day prior to arrival. The same applies to check-out. If you intend to leave after 1000, we advise you to reserve the apartment for an additional day.

Normal working hours are from Monday to Friday from 1000 to 1900 and Saturday from 1000 to 1430.

Outside of these times, arrivals and departures are invoiced as follows:

From Monday to Saturday from 0800 to 1000: US$20.

From Monday to Friday from 1900 to 2100:     US$20.

From Monday to Friday from 2100 to 0800:     US$40.

Saturday from 1430 to 2200:                         US$20.

Sundays and public holidays:                         US$40   (public holidays are those listed in the official Argentinian calendar (link)).


The renter must pay a security deposit upon check-in as indicated in the chart below. This chart applies to most apartments.  There may be higher security deposits for apartments with more amenities. The security deposit is indicated in US dollars, but may be paid in US dollars, Euros, Argentinian pesos, or Canadian dollars. The security deposit will be returned upon check-out after inspection of the general condition of the apartment.

StayAmount of deposit
3 days= 1 week
1 week= 1 week
1 month= 1 month
+ 1 month= 1 month


7.1  The family/given names and ages of all occupants of the rented apartment must be provided. MABA and the owner reserve the right to prohibit entry to an apartment before the contract is signed.

7.2 Purpose of rental: an apartment may only be used as ordinary living accommodation and tenants must behave as good neighbours.

Under no circumstances may the apartments be used for professional purposes or for purposes other than ordinary living accommodation.

7.3 The owner and MABA retain the right to break the contract without reimbursing or compensating the renter if the apartment is sublet, occupied by persons other than those indicated on the rental agreement, as well as if renters do not respect their neighbors’ comfort or cause damage to the apartment or common areas.

7.4 The renter must notify MABA and the owner immediately in the case of any incident (leaks, flooding, unusual damage, etc., broken furniture or appliances) during his/her stay. This will allow us to take necessary measures to resolve the incident.

7.5 Most apartments listed with MABA may be reserved for a minimum of 3 days. This will be determined for each apartment upon reservation. Temporary rentals are for a maximum of 6 months (in accordance with Argentinian law), with an option to renew.

7.6 Upon departure, the apartment must be left (arrangement of furniture and appliances) as you found it upon check-in The condition of the premises must be unchanged. This is to be determined by MABA. If we consider  that the premises are messy or abnormally soiled, MABA may deduct cleaning costs from the security deposit amount.


All reservations cancelled up to 30 days before check-in are refunded at 50%, less the PAYPAL fees. All reservations cancelled less than 30 days before check-in are not refundable. Should the client wish to leave the apartment earlier than planned, it should be noted that the rent paid will not be refunded under any circumstances The client can however take out a cancellation insurance which allows customers to cancel up to 12 hours before without penalty;  100% of the reservation charge will be refunded less the PAYPAL fees.


All advertised apartments have been visited and inspected by a member of the MABA team prior to their inclusion on our web site.

MABA cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the owner to the furnishing/decoration of the apartment. The photos and information published by MABA present the apartment as accurately as possible but MABA cannot ensure nor guarantee a perfect presentation of the apartment.   The photos and information published on the web site are not part of the contract.

All apartments are fully furnished and equipped: crockery, pots, pans, utensils, bedding and linen are provided for the number of persons indicated.

9.1 Unexpected emergency: If the apartment reserved by the client is unavailable due to an unexpected emergency (such as flooding, gas leak, etc…) the MABA team proposes two solutions:

1)     Find a similar apartment from our apartment listings available for the same dates and within the same price range.

2)     Full reimbursement of your deposit.

9.2 Malfunction of services. MABA will not assume responsibility for technical malfunctions or interruptions in services such as electricity, gas, internet, water, telephone. These services are beyond the control of, and  completely independent from, MABA.

Acceptance of conditions :

If you wish to use our apartment rental services, you must agree to our conditions.

MABA aims to provide quality service and to facilitate your rental requirements. The MABA team is ready to assist  during your entire stay.

Thank you for choosing us!