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    FAQ Questions-Answers Owners

    1 – Who is MABA?

    My Apartment in Buenos Aires is a French agency, based in Argentina, and specializing in short-term furnished apartment and home rentals. Rentals from 3 days to 2 years.

    2 – What services does MABA offer?

    MABA guarantees the advertisement of your apartment on all pertinent internet and other media outlets: search engine referencing, web sites advertising tango, travel, newspapers, etc. This is done to ensure increased visibility and greater occupancy of the apartments we work with.

    MABA offers property management adapted to the needs of the individual owner, whether based in Argentina or abroad.

    3 – Can I entrust the management of my property to MABA?

    MABA offers property management adapted to the needs of the individual owner, whether based in Argentina or abroad.

    4 – Who are MABA’s customers?

    Our clientele is international and primarily French-speaking (France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, …).

    Our clientele consists of tourists, business men and women, and foreign companies operating in Argentina.

    5 – What criteria are used to select apartments?

    Apartments must be:
    In very good overall condition
    Equipped with wifi and cable television
    Have a fully-equipped kitchen
    During our first meeting MABA will use its expertise to help you maximize rental of your apartment.

    6 – How can I be sure of a good occupancy rate?

    To ensure a good occupancy rate throughout the year, the owner must be aware that this is a very competitive market and that supply sometimes exceeds demand.
    The secret to success is to offer excellent quality for the lowest possible price. This approach guarantees a good occupancy rate and good earnings over 12 months.
    You must avoid the common error of placing your apartment at the high end of the market. This results in filling apartments that offer the best value for the money.

    7 – What steps must be taken to advertise my apartment with MABA?

    You must complete the application on the owners’ page. MABA will contact you shortly to arrange an initial telephone interview. We will then set up an appointment to visit, assess, and photograph your apartment.

    8 – Puis -je également confier à la vente mon appartement à MABA?

    Absolument, MABA pourra vous être utile dans la mise en vente de votre appartement grâce à sa présence sur le terrain et sa connaissance du marché.