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Relocation: Rental housing search

Our agency “MABA RELOCATION” is specialized in Relocation: search for empty or furnished apartment. We know the market perfectly and can do a personalized search according to your budget, need, location according to your job, the school of the children… We have all been there when arriving in Argentina in Buenos Aires: understanding the codes, the laws, looking for your apartment, negotiating your contract, trying to understand how it works and why when it rains we no longer have internet? …. We put our experience, our experience at your service in order to find you your house or your apartment according to your criteria and your needs. We will be able to advise you and explain the habits and customs, the laws, your rights but also your duties. We will accompany you to the visits, we will make sure that the contract complies with the law, we will negotiate the terms…. Everything we have to do for us, we will do for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, tell us about your future expatriation and your need for relocation. Our team is French, perfectly bilingual and we are recommended in the Welcome Book of the French Embassy. We are waiting for you!