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Relocation : Simplify your immigration procedures

Difficult to fully understand the Argentine administration, what they need, deadlines, filling in the boxes: never sure of having understood correctly, long queues. You and your company need help because each case is different… MABA Relocation will perfectly know how to advise you, accompany you, anticipate your steps. We have made this puzzle a specialty in order to help our compatriots to settle in good conditions and without stress. As part of a successful expatriation, it is essential to be well accompanied throughout the process: housing, school, moving and of course: immigration. This point, which is just as essential as the others, is the crucial starting point for everything to run smoothly because several actions ensue from it: opening an account, enrolling in school, renting an apartment, obtaining your Argentinian license, having mutual insurance and of course work legally for your company. MABA suggests that you set up a calendar together at least 3 months before your departure in order to collect all the essential and mandatory documents. You will know exactly where your file is, the waiting times to be expected, what your next steps are. Our job: to facilitate your arrival in Buenos Aires. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.